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How can we help you?

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How can I track my account on OLX?

You can track all your account activity by simply clicking on your account.

The next page will let you take a look at your ads and your messages sent by you on other ads and the messages received on your ads or you edit the settings for your account.

Your Ads tab will contain all of the ads you have posted and will be in a separated menu as follows:


1-Active Ads: this will contain all the ads that are currently online and live on the website and can be seen by all users.

2-Waiting Ads: which will contain all the ads that you have just posted but they are waiting for our moderation team to take an action regarding them.

3-Inactive Ads: This will contain all the ads that either you have deleted/deactivated manually from your active ad list or they have automatically expired after passing 90 days since their posting date.

4-Moderated Ads: This list contains all the ads that unfortunately didn't go through our posting rules and have been rejected for some reason.